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Shield patients from intra-operative insulation failure and capacitive energy burns, per AORN electrosurgical safety guidelines.

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FDA Issues a Safety Communication on the Dangers of Monopolar Laparoscopic Surgery. “Monopolar Energy Use Can Directly Result in Unintended Patient Burns from Capacitive Coupling and Intra-Operative Insulation Failure.”

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The new AORN Electrosurgical Safety Guideline recommends to “use an Active Electrode Monitoring (AEM®) and Shielding Device” during Minimally Invasive Surgery.

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AEM® Shield™ Laparoscopic Instruments win Vizient Innovative Technology Contract

NBC News Investigates: Popular Surgeries Can Carry Risk of Being Burned

AEM® Shield™ Laparoscopic Instruments highlighted for unique patient safety, in NBC Los Angeles Investigative Report on Stray Energy Burns.

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Deliver Surgical Energy Safely.
Improve General Surgery and GYN Outcomes.

  • Every 90 minutes in the USA a patient is burned during laparoscopic surgery.
  • These preventable stray energy burns kill 1 – 2 patients per day*.
  • The FDA issued a Safety Communication on these risks from both intraoperative insulation failure and capacitive coupling. Learn More
  • AEM® Shield™ Laparoscopic Instruments eliminate these complications, saving patients lives every day.
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Dr. Craig Hornbarger shares how he protects his patients with AEM® Shield™ Laparoscopic Instruments