Safety in Laparoscopic Surgery

Every 90 minutes a patient is severely burned and 1-2 people die every day from preventable stray energy burns.*

It’s not the technique, it’s the technology!

All unshielded monopolar instruments are designed in fundamentally the same way – There is an active element which delivers energy down the shaft, to the tip of the instrument.  This active element is covered with a thin piece of electrically unshielded insulation, on the outside of the shaft, to try to prevent burns to the patient.

Because these instruments are not electrically shielded, they cannot control the energy they transmit. Therefore they carry the severe risk of burning a patient’s delicate internal tissues and organs, from intra-operative insulation failure and capacitive coupling.

A recent FDA Safety Communication highlighted these patient risks from both intra-operative insulation failure and capacitive coupling.  Learn More

Stray Energy Burn Outside of the Surgeon’s Field of View

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Encision AEM® Shielded Instruments

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